One of the great joys for us at St Peter's the opportunity to be a part of your marriage. We celebrate God’s love that brings two people together and leads to a life long commitment to share the challenges, as well as the joys of life. God created marriage as the basic building block of community, and the chief instrument to nurture and grow his love in people’s lives. Therefore, we are committed to helping people build strong God-centered marriages, where families can grow and thrive.

We celebrate that God has led you to the decision to be married. At St Peter's, we welcome the opportunity to help you in one of the most important moments in your life. In order to be married at St Peter's it is not necessary that you be a member of our church and/or from a Lutheran background. However, we ask that you are involved in significant ways in our congregation. We would like to make a commitment to partner with you to grow a strong marriage.

What must I do to be married at St Peter's?
Contact the church office (217)997-2289 to recieve our marriage guidelines booklet and to check availability for your wedding date.

We want to thank you for inquiring about having your weddings at St Peter's. We look forward for the opportunity to help you begin your marriage.

  June 2021  
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