St. Peters's Lutheran Church is part of the ELCA. Learn more about this churchwide body at
Central/Southern Illinois Synod
St. Peter's Lutheran Church is part of the Central/Southern Illinois Synod which is one of sixty-five other synods in the United States that are under the ELCA. The Central/Southern Illinois Synod is made up of 130 congregations spanning the lower three-quarters of the State of Illinois. To learn more about our synod visit
Thrivent Choice Dollars
Thrivent Financial makes available for its members the opportunity to designate "Choice Dollars" to a charitable organization of their choosing. Every gift we receive is helpful and Thrivent members can direct Thrivent to send its charitable contributions directly to St. Peter’s. It doesn’t cost our members anything other than their investment of time to direct Thrivent’s “Choice Dollars”. If you are a Thrivent member and would like Thrivent to send its Choice Dollars to St. Peter’s, please contact your Thrivent representative or click the link above to find out more. If you are already directing Thrivent’s Choice Dollars to St. Peter’s, thanks again!
  June 2021  
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